What a downer! The stock market plunged more than 600 points. Is there ANYTHING positive to come out of that news? Well, possibly!

Over this past weekend we drove to New Jersey in our Toyota.  It gets great gas mileage.  We made it down there in less than half a tank.  I was going to wait til we got back to Albany to fill up, but I happened to see a sign in New Brunswick that said $3.53 for regular!  And in New Jersey, YOU CAN'T PUMP IT YOURSELF!

I thought it was just New Jersey offering the deals, but according to Hosted News.com there seems to be a huge downward trend in crude oil prices.  Here's the cheap explanation:

World oil prices hit multi-month lows on Tuesday as traders eyed the prospect of slowing energy demand in China and the United States, and as the OPEC cartel slashed its forecasts for oil consumption.

The energy market also suffered heavy falls, in line with tumbling global equities, as investors fretted over a possible new worldwide economic downturn.

I found another pretty good explanation of this situation from a TV news show  in Oilville, USA - TEXAS!  (plus I love the guy's accent)

I know it's a neanderthal way of thinking.  It's not a time to celebrate because it's a sign that everything else is "tanking" around us.  But it's still nice to be able to get away from the negative news on TV and take a ride in the car without having to take out a small business loan.    HEY, I'M JUST TRYING TO BE POSITIVE HERE, OK??

What's the lowest price that you've found around here?  Would love to know!