Breakfast is over, the dishes are done, and all the wrapping paper has been thrown away. How are you spending those final moments before the first wave of family members crash through your door? With this.

The game is called Fibbage, and it's awesome.

Family game night just got dishonest. #fibbage

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First, you have to get your group together and join a new game- we use the PS4 to do this. Then, you have to grab your phone, because the game gives your room a code to plug in. Once you join, you have to type in your name, which is where everyone's creativity really begins to blossom. (One time I simply used the name 'Potato.')

The game's host, 'Cookie,' will randomly choose which player goes first, and that player will pick a category. If the category is "Things Celebrities Have Said," he will give you a celebrity quote like this one: “I just want one day off when I can go swimming and eat ice cream and look at _______" - Mariah Carey.

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Chances are most people in the room won't know the answer, so you'll have to just guess something you think it could be. Honestly, the more absurd you get in this game, the more believable your answers become.

The best part is when two people put the same ridiculous answer -- my mom and I kept reading each other's minds the last time we played this, and it was weirdly validating. Like "Oh, I definitely did come from you."

Once you have your answers plugged in, every player will vote on which answer they think is the truth. The more people vote for your lie, the more points you earn.

Bust this game out during your Christmas downtime, and you'll win over the room.