My family and friends told me about all the good, bad and ugly of owning a home. But they didn't tell me this.

They did not tell me I would be raking leaves during all my free time in October in November.

Some I will give a pass as maybe they are not too familiar with all the 'beautiful' trees we have in Clifton Park. Yes, they are beautiful. Except for 2 months a year. See all these bags?

Credit: Matty Jeff
Credit: Matty Jeff

That's just from this weekend! We have hit more than 50 bags already, and I could see us needing another 50 over the next few weeks. And it is taking it's toll on me mentally:

  • I am having dreams about leaves falling all over areas I just cleaned up, and I wake up in a cold sweat.
  • My wife found me sleepwalking in our yard at 3am with a lighter, talking to the leaves, telling them I was going to 'send them to meet their maker.'
  • I have not been able to consume as many beers as I would on a normal weekend as I need 2 hands to hold a rake (Many other household chores only require one hand.) This is the biggest problem of all.

Ok, I know. I need to get over it. Welcome to home ownership, right? But if you are currently searching for a home, consider this your official warning - get ready to rake! And if you have a choice, buy a place with no trees. At least in your yard ;)


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