I'm in need of a good laugh today.  I woke up on the "wrong side of the bed", as they say.  In my effort to find something to really get a chuckle out of, I stumbled upon this - the longest recorded laugh from a live tv audience.  It's a clip from the classic "I Love Lucy" show.

I Love Lucy premiered back in October of 1951, according to Wikipedia. There were 180 episodes in all.  I'm not usually one to say that "the old shows were the best". You can't constantly dwell in the past.  There have been many many funny shows since then.  But this might be one exception to the rule.  This show was the pinnacle of comedy, in my humble opinion.  There will never be a more perfect ensemble of actors on one show (whoops, I'm now contradicting myself).

Well, you can judge for yourself.  This is an absolute classic, and I guess it made the record books for the longest audience guffaws.  Lucy is hiding eggs in her blouse.  Ricky wants to do the tango with her, and she's struggling hard to hide her "stash".  Check this out.

I don't care WHAT age you are, you've gotta LOVE LUCY.  What's the funniest show YOU'VE ever watched?  Would love to know.