Wow, this is a bitter sweet moment for me. I am so excited to see this third and last "Hobbit" movie. It is also a bit sad though as I realize that it will be the last installment of Peter Jackson's amazing adaptations of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. You can call me crazy or say I am far too emotionally invested in a movie, but for me and many others like me it is just so much more than that. It is my childhood, my memories and my imagination coming to life on a movie screen.

I think I read "The Hobbit" when I was around 13 years old, it was by far the most amazing thing I had ever read and took me so into the world of "Middle Earth" and made me, even at that young age gain such an appropriation for nature, both of the planet and human nature. I went along with the very reluctant Bilbo on his amazing adventure and as he faced one deadly obstacle after another, I like him learned to both hate "adventure"and crave it at the same time.

I learned that life will pull you into adventures whether you want them or not and that only through the adversity do you learn who you truly are, and what you truly want out of existence.

So, yes as I was growing and reluctantly about to enter the adventure of my teen years and those of a young man the book meant so much more to me than Orks and Elves.

I remember then the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy came out I was so impressed with the way Peter Jackson tried very hard to be true to the things I remembered about the books. And yet was so disappointed he did not start with "The Hobbit". I wanted to go back and travel along with my old friend Bilbo once again and see it on the bog screen so bad. Years later I finally got my wish and it was worth the wait1

Sadly now, the journey is almost over and the final movie is set to be released. Like all J.R.R. Tolkien fans I will be in that theater as early as possible and I will be filled with anticipation and yes, sadness. When the credits come I guess I will have to say goodbye to my old friends Bilbo and Legolas all over again.

With ALL THAT SAID....... Here is the trailer we have all been waiting for, "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five  Armies

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