I know, I know... you saw  the title and thought "There is no way Sean just asked if there are TOO MANY Superhero movies!" and yes, you are right I'm never going to not see one of these movies, though it occurs to me that I may not spent the time and money to see all of them in the theater.

That's what makes me wonder if a guy like me who loves Sci-Fi , Super Heroes and Fantasy is wondering if he may have to pick and choose which ones he actually gets out to see, is the proliferation of these movies going to lead to an apathy at some point with the general public. Let's be clear , I hope not.

With that said and the trailers for the upcoming Avengers Age of Ultron (which comes out this Friday), Next year's Superman Vs. Batman,  Antman which comes out in July of this year and now the latest for The Fatastic Four all breaking the internet on YouTube,  I wonder if we can ever get enough of visiting a world that actually has real heroes defending what is right and just.

Clearly not. So here it is my friends the latest trailer for the Fantastic Four which I must say looks pretty good and this one goes a long way towards explaining how it is our heroes get their powers and a great glimpse at the superb effects this re-boot has to offer. Let's hope it does better than the last one.



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