If you are like me, the events over this last week have been taking a bit of a toll on your emotions. It's especially hard when you have to try to be positive and help other people get ready for their day every morning. Our jobs are to entertain, but also inform and help our listeners understand the events that our transpiring. When too many of those events are of a tragic nature it does become hard because our jobs require us to absorb them while many would choose to turn away.

I really do believe in the power of positive thinking ,conversely  I think all the negativity can really attract more of the same. So after a particularly hard morning today, I posted on my Facebook status , simply "Trying to think happy thoughts." It was then that a listener posted to my wall this video.

If you are my friend on Facebook , you know I don't "Share" things too often. I think the less I do, the more people will look at what I do deem "share worthy".

This, I think is the most share worthy video I have seen in quite a while. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, and share... share... share...


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