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Starbucks Hidden Camera Suspect Arrested
Yesterday we learned that Colonie Police were looking for a person that was caught on surveillance at a Starbucks on Wolf Road in connection to a hidden camera found in the bathroom. That person has been arrested but this story is far from over.
Hidden Camera Found In Local Starbucks' Bathroom
Colonie Police are asking for the public's help in finding a man they say placed a camera that looked like a usb charger in a unisex bathroom at the Starbucks on Wolf Road across from Colonie Center. They say the camera was discovered on March 18th 25 minutes later and after three people had us…
Woman Watches Her Home Get Robbed On Camera [VIDEO]
I love watching a dirt bag thief get what they deserve. This video is awesome because a couple jerks are robbing a ladies house and have no idea they are being watched. The lady says in the video that she has been robbed before so she installed the hidden camera...