In an attempt to become just a little bit more aware of the happenings in my own neighborhood, I went to a meeting of the Niskayuna Town Board this week.  I was impressed-not only with the people on the board (they passed an important resolution for us, but I won't get into it here, but also with the artwohung in the room.  Then I found out who drew these masterpieces!

I feel a little embarrassed here.  I didn't even know about half of the things happening around us, like this:  The Niskayuna Train Station "Art Out".   Members of this group got up and received awards for their paintings, and rightly so!  But what made this more interesting is that they had to draw these "on location" in 2 hours or less!


Here's a nice example, drawn by Edie Canizzo, a self taught artist who conceived this whole idea.   I can't imagine doing this in under 2 hours.  I can draw a house, but it would be stick figures only, and not very colorful.  I also talked with artist Charlie Demarco who was really into the whole event, and I could see why!  

  Don't get me wrong-Niskayuna already has a really nice town hall, but with all the artwork hung around, it really brightened the place up even more (and I'm usually oblivious to things like that, but I noticed it right away!

 If you'd know more about this very cool project, you can check out the Niskayun Art Out Facebook page

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