It's hard to believe that Countryfest 2019 has come and gone. We had such an amazing day of fun and great country music. Brian and I had a chance to sit down with Countryfest 2019 artist Brandon Lay. If you were at Countryfest over the weekend, you know it was a hot and steamy summer day. We caught up with Brandon Lay to ask him about how sweaty he gets when he performs, how much weight he loses during a performance and what garments get compromised when he sweats.

We also chatted with him about how country fans love the party before the concert. He let us in on a few of the essentials that are needed for a proper tailgate. He also talked about the best hangover medicine that you must bring along too.

Check out the entire interview from backstage at Countryfest 2019 with Brandon Lay. You can see all of the photos of the fun from SPAC at Countryfest 2019 HERE and stage photos HERE.

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