As I spent part of Memorial Day weekend up in the Lake George region, I passed the Great Escape.  It was kind of sad not seeing the rides in action on what would have been a huge weekend for them.  As a kid, we didn't travel much. We did do a lot of day trips up to Storytown and what is now known as the Great Escape and Hurricane Harbor.  For me, this places oozes nostalgia and as I think back to my childhood, I'm so thankful I was an 80's and 90's kid.  Things were simpler back then, and technology didn't take over our lives.  In those days,  getting a Great Escape bumper sticker on your car was actually a big deal.   A lot has changed at the Great Escape over the years, but thankfully, some things have stayed the same.  Here's my personal ranking of what I think are the Great Escape's best attractions.  Much of this is based purely on nostalgia and my own personal memories.   But even if you disagree with the actual ranking, I think you'll enjoy this trip down memory lane.


Jungle Land walk-through for your viewing pleasure.

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