We would like to start a WGNA army of people who are determined to help fight a war-one that seems to have no end in sight.

Do you want to add your name to a growing list of people who will do what they can to spread the anti-bullying message? Only takes a minute! 

It's simple, and doesn't take much time, and we'd like to get 1,000 signatures, if we could. If your child was one of the talented singers in our 5-County Anti-Bullying Song, by all means, sign the petition (parents and friends of as well). If not, and you hate the thought of bullying, or have been a victim of it, by all means, join in!

Click below to go directly to the petition. If you want to read the background of how this came about, by all means scroll down!

It all started with this song: The 5-County Anti Bullying Song.

Newschannel 13 picked up on it and did a fantastic feature, thanks to Subrina Dhammi and the crew.

Not a bad start. But let's keep the ball rolling.

Please sign the above petition and let's show others that we are united against this scurge on our society. It's been ignored for way too long. We need to act.

If you want more information on how to curtail it - check out the Academy For Character Education at the Sage College's website.

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