Now I know that title may seem like a bit of a tease, but I have to tell you I really think this video may be just that good.   Now, at first glance it is just funny, I mean anytime you can watch a very drunk Russian trying to first go through and then over a fence with no luck, hey that's a win. Throw in the twist at the end and it has a great humor pay off.  However, after I watched the entire video  I realized that says so much about life and the way we choose to see our role in overcoming the obstacles that face us. It is so simple and funny but in the end it teaches us so much.

I have been trying to think about how I should do this. Should I show you the video first then talk about what I see in it, or should I set it up with my observations? I have decided that it is probably best if you just watch it, and then we can talk about why I think it is just so amazing. Make sure however you read the rest and let me know what you thought about it, and if there was anything I missed.


Here are just a few things I learned while watching the video:

1. There are so many great moments that happen in our lives everyday, we just need to slow down enough to look for them and appreciate them when they happen.  I mean some guy is just looking out his window sees a drunk guy trying to get through a fence, gets his camera out and captures a great moment.

2. We often struggle so much more than we have to because we have limits on what we allow our minds to see. Think about it, maybe it was the booze that was limiting his mind in this case but how many times in your life have you struggled so hard just seeing the obstacle in front of you , making it far more insurmountable than need be just because you can't believe there is such an easy answer available to you.

3. Patience.  When you are facing one of life's obstacles sometimes you can get so focused on trying to overcome it , you miss out on the fact that if you just stay calm and walk a little further the answer may come right out and smack you in the face without you even looking for it.

4. You can learn so much from watching others.  How many times have you struggled with something , perhaps to the point of frustration and then watched somebody else handle it with such ease. If you had taken the time to learn from others mistakes as well as their triumphs, your life can be so much easier.

 5. You can ALWAYS learn the most from kids.  Kids  just see everything simpler and with unbiased, unencumbered, and open eyes.