Do you remember going to the doctor as a kid? To me, it was scary and I never really knew what was going on, just that I had to be there and chances are I needed a shot. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital this is what makes it a completely different experience.

These brave children are constantly fighting for their lives and should have some idea of what's going on, that's why the Child Life Program stood out to me the most. The doctors talk to the patients, not just parents, about every procedure, every dose of medicine.

We heard stories from a number of survivors, most half my age who could pronounce and explain medical procedures they've been through that look like a word scramble. Each child is given a doll so that with each procedure they go through, the doll goes through it as well. They can see how an MRI machine works, for example, hear what they're about to hear but let their doll go through it first. They explained that the desks are lower so that the child patient could be a part of each conversation.

Yes, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital isn't the only children's hospital in the country, but what makes them different, what makes them the best, is the care and attention they give to make sure that each child is the priority and part of everything. They want to make sure that no child misses anything, that includes what is and will be happening to their bodies.

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