I'm convinced that the Power XL Air Fryer Pro may be the greatest kitchen/household appliance invention in the last 25 years.  I skeptically started using the one that my girlfriend Samantha bought for the house a few weeks ago and I'm literally air-frying everything.
When it arrived at the house, I was like how much did you spend on this?  You know it's just another thing (like the Magic Bullet or the French Press) we won't use, right?  But then I jumped right in, things started to crisp right up, and angels started singing.  Set the temperature you want, the amount of time you think it might take and let er rip.  Our machine has buttons on it that allows you to choose a setting based upon the food you're cooking like chicken, beef, pork etc. but I don't waste my time with that stuff, I just hit two buttons and let the air fryer magically do it's thing.
Chicken wings, frozen meatballs, french fries, hot dogs, bacon - all the healthy stuff.  Heck I even reheated a piece of prime rib left over from New Years and that shit was amazing.   Crispy, juicy, cooked in minutes.  Unlike an oven (which seems so 1950's) the air fryer doesn't take minutes to preheat it gets right to work. And it cooks things so much faster than a regular oven without drying it out.  For example, if I wanted to bake chicken wings in the oven - which I have done before - it would take about 90 minutes to get them crispy and golden brown. Air fryer...20 minutes, tops.
I've dreamed of a day when a product like the air fryer replaces my oven or at the very least, the microwave.  It deserves it's own special spot built in to the wall not shoved in the corner next to my Keurig.
Yesterday I went grocery shopping and I felt like I was changing my mental shopping list trying to find things I wanted to air fry.  Mandarin chicken...let's go.   Brussel sprouts...you betcha.
I'm not saying that it's the healthiest way to cook, but this blog isn't about health it's about convenience, ease of operation and taste.  And for my money (errr Samantha's money) it's the best kitchen appliance we own.

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