We've all had that dream that we're in a car chase and just narrowly escape.

In this case, this wasn't a dream and it happened locally. Friday evening a 27-year-old man from Hudson Falls was being pursued by police for speeding down I-87. Initially it appeared that he was slowing to a stop, but as the state trooper tried to pull him over, he sped away.

Police said that he crossed three lanes of traffic and exited the highway at exit 13N. In hot pursuit the chase ended on Greenfield Avenue where the man fled his vehicle and ran on foot into the woods.

I'm sure he thought he was scot-free, leaving his car behind aside and went back to his house. Well, you can outsmart the cops but you can't outsmart the police dog which is how Justin Rouse was arrested at 12:04 a.m. Saturday. Having a baggy with a white substance that police suspected was cocaine didn't help matters.

In 2008, Rouse was arrested for fighting an officer at the Washington County Probation Department before kicking and breaking the window of a police car.

Rouse is currently staying at the glamorous Saratoga County Jail.

For more on this story: Times Union

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