If the season ended today, the 5-5 Bills would be left out of the playoffs. But with 7 games left, there's still plenty of time, right?  Not so fast say some die-hard fans here in the Capital Region and Upstate NY after last night's brutal loss to the Broncos.

Fed-Up in Buffalo? Bills Fans React After Brutal MNF Loss

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany

7 Excuses That Are Burning Out Buffalo Bills Fans

Bills fans are tired of their team underachieving, and are tired of hearing about certain issues that, for some reason, never get fixed.

Gallery Credit: Getty Images

The 9 Best Fried Chicken Sandwiches in the Capital Region, Ranked!

Ever since Chic-Fil-A added two more restaurants in the Capital Region, there's been a lot of "clucking" in our area about who has the "best-tasting" chicken sandwich.

We decided to post the question on our various social media platforms, and the results were pretty interesting.

For the purpose of our survey, we didn't care if it was made at a local mom-and-pop style pub, tavern, or restaurant or if it was made by a multi-billion dollar national chain.

If Capital Region residents knew of a place that builds a delicious, golden-fried chicken sandwich, we wanted to hear about it.

Here are the Top 9 Chicken Sandwiches of the Capital Region, Ranked!

Gallery Credit: Brian Cody TSM Albany


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