There is a study out that lists, out of the entire country, which is the best state to be a teacher. The criteria varied between fair pay, teacher turnover and per student teacher ratio. The top state may surprise you. According to a recent report by the financial site WalletHub, New York state was listed as the best state to work as a teacher. In the survey, the site compared all 50 states and the District of Columbia on data ranges from teacher income growth potential to teacher safety and teacher to student ratio.

They credited New York state as being a leader in teacher opportunities and competition. They also claim that public high school spending is second only to Vermont which helps the teaching environment.

Teacher turnover was a big deal too. In the states that fell toward the bottom of the list, the survey showed that teachers would only stay for one year therefore creating a revolving door. In New York state, with the pay being higher, teachers were holding their positions longer to an average of five years or more.

Check out the entire report and survey here.

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