Not only is there a great movie coming out this weekend starring one of our favorites but there are two really great movie stories trending and one may involve a famous actor in the Catskills.

First, the big movie everyone is talking about for this weekend is "Life of the Party," starring Melissa McCarthy. In it, Deanna's (McCarthy) husband suddenly dumps her so she decides to reset and go back to college. She ends up at the same college at her not-as-excited about it daughter. She goes the path to finish her degree while dealing with the struggles a middle-aged divorcee would expect amongst frat boys.

Also, locally there's a movie announcement. Bruce Willis will be starring as a local sports figure. You can read more about what Brian had to say on his page.

Last, an iconic piece of movie memory was stolen. The Iron Man suit was stolen off of the official movie lot. Jackson has a bit of insight on how much it's worth in the clip below. For more of Jackson's reviews, check out his website

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