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Vin Diesel In Avengers 2?
Rumors are circulating that Vin Diesel will be in "The Avengers 2". Do you believe them? Do you like this idea? Who could he be?
Get Your Avengers Fix In A New Video Game [VIDEO]
While "The Avengers" continues to do great in the box office, many geeks like myself are hoping the next installment will happen sooner then later. So anything to tide us over is a welcome distraction. I'm happy to share a video game that might do just that, "Avengers…
The Avengers 2 Is Already In Production
I don't think anyone is shocked that a second Avengers movie is on it's way after the first one made over $207 million in it's debut weekend. On top of all the movies "Avenger" attractions will be opening in Disney theme parks soon. I am little surprised just how man…
NEW Trailer For The Dark Knight Rises [ VIDEO]
There are currently two comic book movie franchises I refuse to miss out on, The Avengers and The Dark Knight - Bat Man trilogy. The Avengers have built towards this Fridays release with two Iron Man movies, Thor and Captain America all great! The Dark Knight series is far darker, clearly not for ch…
The Avengers In The Trailer Park [VIDEO]
If there is one movie that my daughter and I are equally excited to see it's "The Avengers". Have I mentioned my kid is as cool as I am a geek? Good news for me and all that love action and super heroes, the extended trailer for "The Avengers".
I am about to let my geek flag fly! Marvel studios is set to release Thor in May of next year. This will be all part of getting us ready for the Avengers movie set to be released in 2012.