Americans will buy twice as many real trees this Christmas season versus their fake counterparts. However, the faux ones are more expensive, so the money spent will be about the same.  Most everyone has their thing.  Is it the fake tree that you've used for years, the real tree that you purchased from your favorite place; perhaps even cutting it down yourself.  What's your preference, and why?

I used to enjoy the fresh pine smell of the real tree I had in my living room around Xmas time, but I just hated the hassle of removing it and cleaning the darn pine needles afterward. Fake trees are so much more convenient and for the most part, aside from their smell, you can't even tell them apart!  Miss the fresh pine scent?  Burn a candle!

Heck, one year I tossed a dried up, dead tree out of my third story window and onto the sidewalk to save me the trouble of bringing it downstairs.  I looked down below, saw that no one was within 100 yards of me and yelled 'Timmbbberrrrrr!!"  It was quite satisfying actually and the crispy pine needles that scattered onto the concrete, naturally dissipated over time.

I do miss my real tree, but I do love the ease of a fake one.  Maybe one day I will go back to a real one, but most likely not anytime soon.  Timmbbberrrrrrrr!


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