"Boys will be boys."  "Hey,  school is tough. "  "Let them fight it out, they will work it out."   These are the kind of things you hear when you are talking about bullies in school.  Even the word "bully" itself makes the act seem less than what it is.  Why don't we call these kids what they are, "terrorists". Too strong of a word you say?  A terrorist is defined in the dictionary as: someone who uses violence or the threat of violence to intimidate and coerce.  Can you think of a better way to describe a bully?

Look do I want my boys to be strong?  Yes.  Do I want them to learn to stand up for themselves?  Of course.  Do I want some overgrown punk in school to be the one to teach him such life lessons? No.  Tell your kid to leave my kid alone.  Its that simple.  If you are ok with your kid being a terrorist than that is your deal.  I am not.  I actually teach my kids to respect others, respect their personal space and even more so when they are smaller or for what ever reason weaker than you are.

And what is "weaker" anymore?  I know that at some point in our ancient history, the strong were the physically dominant males of our species.  They were the leaders and necessary for the protection of the tribe.  They got the food first, and the best mates.  It was awesome to be the Alpha male back then.  If we lived back then, I would be all about my boys getting out there and "mixing it up".  But we are not.  Now days, the leaders are the intelligent men, the men with leadership skills that can empower even the "weakest" among us to greatness.  Not use them for amusement during a good,  "swirly".

Unless your kid is going to become a "MMA Fighter"  or a "Boxer"  these so called "skills" of his are only going to be good for one thing, terrorism.  And if he is a professional fighter, awesome.  Good for him. But those he will be fighting in the ring with are people who choose to be there.  Don't let him use my kid as practice.  If my kid shows great skills in chemistry, should I let him use your house as "practice" for a new bomb he dreamed up?  Of course not.

If your child needs for some reason to show dominance over others and beat his chest like the other Gorilla's in the jungle so be it.  He can do so in a variety of ways like  sports, grades , more Facebook friends, whatever.  He doesn't need to do it by pushing my kid into a wall or lockers.  You might also tell him that if he really wants to show how tough he is, he should stop pushing around kids who are smaller than him that  have no interest in fighting him and try doing it to another "bully". I have no problem with them practicing their terrorism on each other.

Honestly, is this how you want your kid to settle all his arguments or problems as an adult?  Lets assume he has an issue with his boss, should he try to intimidate him?  His wife is fighting with him, should he hit her?  Threaten to hit her?  Even if he fights with the dude that "offended" him at the bar, did anything get settled? Other than, I can punch harder than you?  Again unless that's how your making a living, it makes you a thug.  Teach him respect.  Give him real life skills.  And who knows maybe the kid he didn't beat up, because you taught him better, will make him rich one day.  Or donate a kidney that saves his life.  Or represents him magnificently at his trial.

Seriously, I'm just amazed at how far we have NOT come as a society sometimes.  And I just know that when you see something that is wrong, you need to say it.  So I am saying it.  It's wrong.  It's stupid.  It has no place in our lives anymore.  It is simple stuff her people , respect.  You teach them to respect you right?  Do us all a favor and teach them to respect others as well.

Tell your kid to leave my kid alone.

PS. I should also note that this blog is NOT directed at anyone in particular. It is written in the first person to better bring home the point.  But I had no one in particular in mind when I wrote it.

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