Tips to prevent a brawl at your kids ballgame!
It didn't happen locally but it could, parents at a softball tournament in Tennessee started throwing punches instead of pitches. Tournament director Tina Gale says both teams involved in the fight were from North Carolina and immediately disqualified from the tournament and escorted out of the…
5 Reasons Why I Should Be A Hockey Player Right Now
Like a lot of boys growing up I played a lot of different sports like football, basketball, baseball and I even wrestled. However their is one sport that I regret not playing. I mean, I've seen The Mighty Ducks. How hard could it be?
The Top 10 Complaints Women Have About Their Husbands
I'll take this public opportunity to take a deep look at my marriage and see how my list of complaints about my husband matches up with's list of most common wifely complaints.
I'm gonna bet that he has more complaints about me than I do about him...
Are These 8 Reasons To Fight Behind Blake and Miranda’s Split?
With the news today that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert filing for divorce, it made me wonder about all celebrity marriages.  And then I jumped immediately to the differences between celebrity marriages and "civilian" marriages.
The reasons that Blake and Miranda couldn't make it work ar…
UFC 148 Recap: Silva vs. Sonnen 2
Chael Sonnen squared off against Anderson Silva in one of the most anticipated events in UFC history at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada this Saturday night. Missed the fights? Read on for the highlights.
Terrorism in Our Schools
"Boys will be boys."  "Hey,  school is tough. "  "Let them fight it out, they will work it out."   These are the kind of things you hear when you are talking about bullies in school.  Even the word "bully&quo…