My Senior year of High School I was excited about two things: Graduation and Prom. I was lucky that those two things were all I had to worry about, the children of St. Jude's don't have that luxury but St. Jude's makes sure they don't miss out either.

What makes St. Jude Children's Research Hospital stand out over other hospitals is the care they take for not just the bodies of patients, but their minds as well. When you think "Children's Hospital," you think of the poor children under 10 years old who are fighting. Remember, there are 13, 14, 17-year-olds who are fighting too, and missing out on some important parts of being a teenager.

One thing that teenagers are excited about is the prom. St. Jude takes care of everything (as they always do). Patients are allowed to bring someone and they both get pampered from free dresses, make-up, manicures, pedicures, everything someone their age without cancer would be doing. That's exactly what St. Jude's does, they take care of everything so the patients don't have to.

Imagine being a 16-year-old and all of your friends are planning out prom but just because you have cancer, you can't go. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital doesn't want any child to miss out on being a child so they do everything they can to make up for things they may be missing out on because they have cancer. Because of you, children can be a part of prom, can go trick-or-treating, or even graduate.

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