Riley Walz may be only 14-years old but he's doing some big things.

Mentor Foundation USA was holding a national contest entitled "Living the Example!" The 60 second video submission was to include why each participant thought they were living a life that would inspire other teens.

Being in radio, I know how long 60 seconds can be, but in video form, it goes so quickly! So, the fact that Riley was able to put this video together and get so much information about what he's been doing in his life to inspire others is inspirational in itself!

While he was enjoying a snow day off from school yesterday, he received the news via social media that he, in fact, is the winner of the national Mentor Foundation USA contest. His prize gets him a roundtrip, all expenses paid trip for two to Los Angeles to check out the YouTube headquarters and a $500 gift card to H&M.

Check out the video that got him the prize:

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