For some odd reason, there seems to be a strange love-hate relationship with good old "Swiftie". Well I don't care who you are - you can't deny this piece of news.  

Taylor Swift has made the cover of Time Magazine this week. Sorry guys, but that's big.

Taylor Swift (Getty)

The article is titled "Taylor Strikes A Chord: - How Pop's Savviest Romantic Conquered The Music Business"

Interesting how they say that she's POP'S savviest…but I'll leave that alone.

They also call her "America's most important musician".  Agree or disagree, it's amazing how her status has grown.  The woman has sold almost as many albums as Eminem did in 2002.  His last tour made $150,000,000.  She's taken her music off of Spotify - an industry changing move in itself

You can read the whole article here.  Bottom line?  It's an amazing success story.  And to think - we knew her when!