There are a lot of folks this year who came from relative obscurity and shot straight to "household name" status this year, only to end of going back from where they came very quickly!  Time Magazine has immortalized them in an online article that lists the "Top 10 Everything of 2011".  These are the Top Fleeting Celebrities:


We could start with Crystal Harris. Crystal who? How easy we forget.  She was Hugh Hefner's fiancé  for about an hour and a half.   They had planned their nuptials, and then -POOF!  Gone!  I felt sorry for the poor (I mean rich) playboy, didn't you?  And can you remember the names of the other women he was living with for awhile there?  Thank God this isn't Jeopardy-we'd all be thrown off!





Then there's Kris Humphries.  He went ahead and married Kim Kardashian,  as we all know, and endedup going into the record books as one of the shortest marriages on record. Man-they got married so fast, they should have thrown instant rice!   (If you'd like to see who's marriages were shorter in duration, you can check this article out from the Daily

Again, if you go to the Time Magazine article, you will see many more.  Can you think of anyone that they possibly forgot?  Would love to know.  Leave your comments below!