I can't believe what these kids came up with in such a short time- but then again, I'm ALWAYS pleasantly surprised every week at how creative elementary kids can be when you let them go.  Case in point below

Of course, you can't ignore the fact that behind every good class is a great teacher.  In this case it's Amy Quackenbush.  I was very impressed by how well behaved, polite and enthusiastic the kids were.  I also have to thank Roberta Jones for helping to set this appearance up.  She also helped out with the recording!

photo by Richie Phillips

OK everyone.  Time to rise from your chairs as we sing this very patriotic song (with cleverly updated lyrics by these kids!)


photo by Richie


Cute, huh?  Loved working with them, and it's so cool that they love the flag and what it stands for!   Thanks for having me in!  And by the way, I LOVED this sign!!!

photo by Richie