This morning on The Sean and Bethany Show we took your calls to help us make a list of all of the different things that people must do in the Capital Region.

I'm turning it into a challenge!  Give yourself one point for every one of the things on this list that you've done, then post your score and share with your friends!

Let's see who the most "Capital Region" person is!

(Also, let me know in the comment section below if you think we left something off!)

How Capital Region are you?

1. Bet on a horse at the Saratoga Race Course

2. Taken mom to the Tulip Festival

3. Been inside the State Capital building

4. Eaten at Jumpin Jack’s

5. Shoveled your car out more than one time in a day

6. Had a doughboy

7. Cheered on the Valley Cats

8. Had Stewart’s Ice Cream

9. Been Stuck in Twin Bridge Traffic

10. Shopped the Troy farmer’s market

11. Taken your kids to the Crossings

12. Ridden the Comet at Great Escape

14. Sat on the Lawn at SPAC

15. Quoted Billy Fuccillo

16. Devoured a Freihofer’s Cookie

17. Jumped into Lake George

18. Selfied at Thatcher Park Overlook

19. Lunched at Dirty John’s Hot Dogs

20. Lined up for Uncle Sam’s Parade in Troy

21. Waved to Santa at the Christmas Parade in Schenectady

22. Gone apple picking

23. Cheered on the Albany Devils or the Adirondack Thunder

24. Had Snow Man ice cream

25. Cruised the Hudson on the Dutch Apple

26. Been on the Ferris wheel at Hoffman’s Playground

27. Ridden on a One Trick Pony

28.Partied all day at WGNA’s Countryfest!

How many points did you get?  I got a 20!  I'm pretty proud considering I've only lived here for 3 years!  Challenge your friends to see who gets the most, then make a pact to finish up the list together!

Sean McMaster
Sean McMaster

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