There is another scam out there and this time it is actually working. Hackers are using Pay Pal to scam online users. Here's how the latest online hackers are working to make unsuspecting PayPal users to be scammed out of money. According to WIVB, the hackers are honing in on people that are selling items online using PayPal to send and receive payments.

The hacker will get in touch with someone about buying their item and request that the seller use PayPal. Then the seller will actually get an email that looks like it's directly from PayPal and say that the payment has been made. Then the seller ships the product thinking it has been paid for without checking that it has.

You are being warned to make sure to check that your account has been paid before shipping. Also you are to double check that the email is actually coming from PayPal. Just look at the email address it is coming from.

If you aren't sure, just contact PayPal directly.

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