With all the crazy weather surrounding the Daytona 500, I didn't hear very much about the National Anthem during the Nationwide race on Saturday night.  It kind of surprised me, considering it was one of the most unique versions I've ever heard!

Rock band, Madison Rising performed a HARD ROCK version of the National Anthem before the Nationwide race in Daytona.  And not everyone loved it.  In fact . . . most people HATED it.

Watch the video below - even the drivers are smirking!

What do you think?

I don't hate it, it's just different.  I mean, they are feeling the music, and they seem really passionate!  They're even introduced as "America's Most Patriotic Rock Band!"

And it's not as bad as Roseanne's performance form 1990!  Remember this!??

Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images
Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

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