This is your chance to promote social distancing while supporting a great cause.

We are certainly going through challenging times right now. But, the best we can do is make the best of our current situation. So why not have a little fun, while promoting social distancing and supporting a great cause? You can do just that by purchasing GNA's Social Distancing T-Shirts.

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You can not only show your love for WGNA and promote A VERY healthy social distance of 107.7 feet, but you can also help feed folks in need during these challenging times. A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York to help stock their shelves for New Yorker's who need meals.

There are Men's, Women's (Crew and V-Neck) and kids options available and several cool colors, and right now the shirts are on-sale through April 15th. So buy one for you, or out fit the whole family to support a great cause. And remind those who see yo in this shirt to maintain their social distance as we flatten the coronavirus curve.


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