Got an idea for a new phone app? You better save it for this big contest coming to Saratoga.

How long can you go without using an app on your phone? I think I can last about seven minutes. I'm always checking the weather, Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram or just playing a game.

A contest coming to Saratoga called "Saratoga Go" is going to try to find the areas brightest people who have a cool app.

According to the Daily Gazette, all participants will be encouraged on coming up with an app based on the following criteria, Public Services; Environmental Innovation; Education and Intelligent Infrastructure.


If you have an app idea and it wins you could win some cash.

What are your favorite apps that are out right now? I think a "best beer" or "best burger" app could make its way into my phone.

I'm pretty sure there is an app that shows what public places have the cleanest bathroom around you. Now that's genius. Get to work Capital Region.

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