I've been to Schoharie Elementary at LEAST 5 times that I know of.  I would go 50 times if they aren't tired of me already!   

I always enjoy seeing everyone at Schoharie Elementary School -custodians, teachers, administration - it's just an awesome environment.  You could tell that everyone is committed to kids and education there


I normally run right to Mrs. Yager's class, but since I already visited at the beginning of the year, I thought I would offer it up to a new teacher, Mrs. Schrom.  Her kindergarteners were very adorable, to say the least.  Here is their little Earth Day parody.  (They even picked the song they wanted to change the words to)

How awesome is that?  I'm always surprised at how creative a group this young can be.  They can hardly read the words that they helped create!  Thanks to everyone for having me back.

Schoharie Elementary Mrs Schrom
photo by Richie Phillips

If you'd like to see some of the songs we've done in the past, including a very, very emotional one about the terrible flooding that occurred there years ago, you can click on the button below

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