Bullet proof vests have been protecting our brave police forces for decades, now one brave pup will be receiving one too!

Mo, a 4 year old German Shepard and also a K-9 for the Albany County police will be the lucky dog who gets this piece of equipment. Its a vest that actually is being donated to Albany by a company called "Vested Interest" (BTW is that not the best name for a bullet proof vest company?) which will save the county a good chunk of money. The vest costs around $2,000 which in my opinion is only a small price to pay to protect the life of mans best friend.

I didn't even know that there were bullet proof vests for dogs but pups in 49 states already have these. A total of around 1,900 vests have been sent out at a whopping cost of 1.7 million dollars! For Albany County, thank you Vested Interest!


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