It's one of the stories we heard since we were a kid. A stranger comes up to you using a lost puppy or a puppy with them to talk to you and then you're kidnapped. I can't believe it happened locally!

A man is wanted in Saratoga Springs for using a puppy to talk to a child. According to the account by CBS 6, the 12-year-old child said that he was riding his bicycle around Ludlow Street and Mitchell Street when an older man asked if the child liked the puppy. He then told the child that he had more in his car.

Luckily, the child thought something was off about the encounter and at that moment, he ran off and told his mother what happened who quickly called the police. The man is still on the loose, there are no pictures available, and they haven't found a matching vehicle.

The young child described the man as "an older white male with gray and black hair and was clean shaven. He was wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt. The puppy is described as a brown chocolate lab approximately 4-6 weeks old."

According to the report, the older man did not specifically approach the child. If you have any information, the Saratoga Springs Police Department want to hear from you at 518-584-1800.

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