"It's just something he does." That's what the Police were told about a gentlemen that allegedly (I mean, do we even have to use that word here) fed his neighbors puppy to his pitbulls.

I saw this story earlier, which took place in New Mexico and the picture of the shih tzu that is no longer with us made my heart hurt. His name was Charlie Brown (how stinkin' cute) and he looks an awful lot like my own pup, Penny. I couldn't imagine anyone harming her, especially on purpose.

But when you hear what actually took place, to have witnessed it had to have been devastating.

Neighbors say that the man, Marvin Riley went on a terrorizing spree throughout the cul-de-sac. First he went to his neighbors home and kicked in the back door, then, Charlie Brown's owner, Bernadette Salazar says he moved onto her home. A neighbor witnessed him take the puppy and throw it into his yard to his two pitbulls. By the time Charlies owner got to him, he was in a plastic bag. It was too late.

Riley has been arrested and could face several charges including a felony charge for animal cruelty.

It amazes me that people like this exist. I can't wait to get home tonight to my fur kids and hold them a little tighter.

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