pay it forward

Lemonade Standin'
I  have a rule of thumb- if I see a couple of kids seated at a card table in their steaming hot driveway with that cute misspelled, handwritten "Lemanade 25c" sign, I stop.  Do you?
Paying It Forward
You've gotta love this story.  I'm not sure I would be this generous, but we all should think twice and try to be more like these folks at  a Amesbury, Mass. Heav'nly Donuts Shop
Nice People Still Exist – Keep Paying it Forward
Debbie was telling me about her friend Amy, a single mom of three young boys who went to Olive Garden for one of the kids’ birthday dinner.  They were just sitting there enjoying their breadsticks and a family having dinner nearby noticed that she was sitting there alone with th…