This hard working waitress from "Who Know Where,USA" is supposedly a mother of two.  Well, these guys went into her restaurant with the distinct purpose of gratiously tipping someone $200 to get their reaction and put it on YouTube.  So cool! 

I guess they have a company called GiveBackFilms.  They have 70,000 subscribers, and it looks like they put up a video every week.  They've even given money to homeless people.  Fantastic idea. This definitely doesn't look like a setup.  It's for real. You'll love it--

That's just so great, huh?  We witnessed something like that not long ago when an up and coming country band called "The Farm" came here to promote a record they released called "Be Grateful".  Here's what THEY did when they were here.

Maybe we should all think about doing some more random acts of kindness of our own.  It certainly got me thinking.  I think I'll tip Dorrie for the nice dessert she gave me tonite (but not $200!!