I  have a rule of thumb- if I see a couple of kids seated at a card table in their steaming hot driveway with that cute misspelled, handwritten "Lemanade 25c" sign, I stop.  Do you?

FedEx Opened First-Ever Lemonade Stand For Charity In New Orleans, Enlisted NFL Stars To Help Raise Funding For Junior Achievement Students
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I don't mean if you are driving in your car necessarily, but, come on folks.   If you are walking, or riding your bike like I was this morning, and I see their enthusiastic faces, it's only right!
It represents all that's great about this country.  The spirit of entrepreneurship!  Capitalism at it's finest.  Think about it.   It's a small business startup!  Don't burst their enterprising spirit!  Cough up the 25 cents.  In fact, leave a dollar, for God  Sakes!
Tell em in your own little way that their efforts are appreciated and that starting a business of your own can be one of the most exhilarating experiences of your young life.  Or your middle aged life, or ANY age!
(But remember to report all income over - what is it? $600? .  Hey, don't quote me.  Contact your tax accountant (someone who's over 18 preferably) .
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