Kids On Kindness: "My Mom and Dad Saw a Bear Once"
I had a chance to sit down with my son and his classmates last week at school to get their thoughts on kindness and friendship.  Many people loved this segment.  It showed the true purity and innocence of 4 and 5-year-old's and perhaps there was something for us adults to learn here.  Plus, it was f…
Chrissy's Son Tells Us How You Can Help Parents Worry Less
When you hear the innocence of a child talking about what cancer is and how you can help other kids while they fight, there is something very powerful in their words. I sat down with my son, Ryan, and asked him about cancer, St. Jude, and how he thinks we can all help parents worry less and sick kid…
Even Headache Medication Can't Curb "The Chooch"
This week's installment of "Big League Chooch" is from Ryan's flag football game. A funny thing happened when we played it back this week. Jess admitted that she takes a certain headache medication to cope with "The Chooch".
Meet Butterflies Event Back in Schenectady
Butterflies are so beautiful but the closer to try to get to them to look, they fly away. Schenectady is bringing back their Butterflies & Blooms event so you not only can get close to butterflies but one may land on you!
Chrissy Gets Loud at Her Son's Basketball Game
It's now basketball season and my son Ryan is learning a new sport. He is on a CYO team and I go to all of his games. I am his biggest and loudest fan. So I get mic-ed up and record my obnoxious cheering. We call it "Big League Chooch".

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