This past weekend was very nostalgic for me and my family. My son, Ryan, embarked on something that was part of my childhood and now it's part of his. Ryan starting playing in the Mechanicville Stillwater Little League. It wasn't only nostalgic, it was amazing.

When I was a kid, we would ride our bikes over to the Mechanicville Stillwater Little League fields. It wasn't too far from our house and it was always fun to go and watch our friends and cousins play. I can remember vividly the kids announcing the games and when there was a foul ball the person saying on the loudspeaker, "Please bring the ball back for a free freeze pop." We would all drop our bikes and run to try and be the first ones to grab them.

Now I am the parent, and all of the feelings came flooding back. But instead of watching my friends and cousins, it's my own son. There is still that small-town feel, those families I grew up with now have kids on different teams, and those parents are now grandparents watching their grandkids. Ya know what? It's amazing.

Ryan Little League

Ryan had his very first experience at the Mechanicville Stillwater Little League fields and I'm sure for him it was a childhood dream. But for me, it was a full-circle moment. My mom was there, my sister, and so many other families that I grew up with were there watching their own kids and grandkids. It is so awesome to be back at my home base.

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