We wrapped up our Halloweek shows this morning with some funny jokes from my nine-year-old son, Ryan. The jokes were funny but Brian tried to guess the punchlines before Ryan delivered them. Take a listen to the cute jokes and how Brian sabotages them. All week we've been having fun on our show celebrating Halloween. We had our listeners share ghost stories, we told some of our own from past haunted broadcasts, and we even made normal phrases sound creepy when we pitched down our voices. Plus we had some fun prank calling a listener to make sure she wasn't going to have a "sissy Halloween".

On Friday, we had Ryan, my nine-year-old son, tell some funny and cute Halloween jokes. I thought he was going to deliver the punchline, but Brian had something else in mind. He tried to guess the punchline by making it fun and a little more on the adult side. Take a listen.

Halloween looks a little different in 2020, but we hope you are enjoying it. I know many people who are still trick-or-treating but creating some cool contraptions to practice social distancing while still giving out candy. We are participating in a couple of trunk or treats over the weekend. No matter how you are celebrating, we hope you have a safe and happy Halloween. We also hope you get the good candy.

You can listen to Brian and Chrissy every weekday morning from 5:30 until 10 am. They love to get you laughing in the morning.

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