Back in May, someone had their wallet stolen, and then things got worse for the victim.

Debit and Credit Cards
Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Somebody used the credit cards from the wallet to do some shopping. Most of the purchases were made in the Hoosick Falls area.

Police have arrested one person. The suspect is 31-year-old Ashley J. Roman from Hoosick Falls. She was remanded to The Rensselaer County Jail after her arraignment. Roman was charged with Identity Theft, Criminal Possession Of Stolen Property and Grand Larceny.

Police believe that Roman was not alone in this incident and there is one more suspect involved with the stolen wallet and use of the credit cards. They have issued an arrest warrant for him. According to the article in The Times Union, authorities are looking for 25-year-old Steven Guzman from New York City, who they think may have left the area. They are thinking that he is going back to New York City.

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