I love this season! I love the spooky, the creepy, and the paranormal so when I saw this apparent "ghost" picture, I had to see it for myself. Do you think that's a ghost?

The Shining was set in the Overlook Hotel and though it's not a real hotel, it was based on a hotel in Colorado called The Stanley. Taking advantage of their notoriety, The Stanley has been hosting ghost tours. John and Mausling and his wife Jessica Martinez-Mausling were taking pictures of the group just waiting in the hallway but caught something unexpected.

Unilad, were 12 and 14. Plus, all of the people of the group are said to be accounted for in the rest of the picture. A former FBI agent analyzed the picture and he said there wasn't an "obvious signs of trickery." I like to believe there are ghosts among us and with pictures like this, it's hard to ignore.

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