If you knew a house was 'legally haunted' would you stay in it? Would you buy it? Because now, you have a chance!

The historical home was built in 1890, it's a Queen Anne Victorian on the Hudson River in Nyack, NY. It's 4628-square feet, five bedrooms, riverside view, and, oh yeah, it's haunted.

In 1991, the so-called "ghost house" was declared legally haunted, which apparently you can do. Mental Floss went into detail about the haunted house and how it all started in 1960s with Helen Ackley. Ackley moved there with her family and started telling people of the area that their family weren't the only ones living in the house. The people sharing the house even dated back to the Revolutionary War!

The Ackley family lived there for about 20 years before they put it on the market in 1989. The couple that purchased the house didn't realize it was haunted until they signed paperwork and were not happy about it. They ended up backing out of the deal and suing. It's because of this house that real estate brokers and homeowners have to reveal if a house is haunted due to the "Ghostbusters ruling."

People have lived in the house since and haven't reported sightings of any ghosts and most think the ghosts were just a product of Helen Ackley and her family. Just in case, and you're interested, the house is going for $1.9 million and currently on the market being sold by singer/rapper Matisyahu.

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