Are you the kind of person that looks for the scariest and spookiest around this time of year? Well, you're in luck, because there's a Guinness World Record holder here in New York and it's not too far away...if you dare.

Pure Terror Scream Park calls itself "New York's Scariest Haunted House," and for good reason, they have a Guinness World Record for it. Located in the village of Monroe, New York, Pure Terror Scream Park is the longest walk-through horror attraction in the state.

Each year, the people behind Pure Terror Scream Park create a whole new world to scare those who dare enter. So, if you've been there in years past, don't worry, you won't expect what's coming next. The attraction is made up of 9 different-themed haunted houses.

The whole trek takes about an hour and just because you're walking in between houses, doesn't mean you're safe from the spirits who will follow you through the whole experience (Terror in the Woods). You'll also find The Crypt, Resurrection Cemetery, Evil Harvest, The Coven, Terror Under the Big Top, Pure Darkness, Desecration, and Legends of Horror.

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