Everyone knows a place they either believe is haunted, or know is haunted.  Is it a local cemetary, old hospital, hotel, museum, or maybe it's the very old farm house you're living in right now.  What did you feel, see, hear and experience?  Chrissy and I are looking for our next possessed place to spend the night for our annual Haunted Broadcast.  Help us find the place and if you're brave enough, even come with us to spend the night!

This October will be the 11th Haunted Broadcast we've done and over the years, some really crazy things have happened. We always bring with us a "paranormal team" of experts. They help us capture noises, ghostly images, strange occurances and any and all paranormal activity and for the first time we get to invite you, the WGNA listener as well.

More details on how you can be a part of our 11th Brian and Chrissy Haunted Broadcast in the weeks to come. In the meantime, help us choose the next place.  You can make your suggests below or email them to mornings@wgna.com

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