Seize the Deal One Day Sale
We get it, times are tough and we want to help you out. We convinced our bosses to give you 60% off absolutely everything at We're talking food, entertainment and more…all 60% off. The catch is it only lasts today, so don't waste any time!
Job Interview No-No's
If you’re great at networking, filling out online applications and following up, chances are, you’ve landed an interview or two. Good work. That’s not so easy these days. But your work isn’t over.
In fact, your work is just beginning. The interview is where your true job-getting skills will have to c…
Gas Prices Drop
Hey - don't ask questions!  Take it and run.  Gas prices are plunging faster than Kim Kardashian's neckline.  Bring it on!
Albany Tax Hike
It's happening everywhere.  No slam on Albany Mayor Jennings or anyone else.  But just letting everyone know what I read in this morning's Times Union.  It's good news, bad news for city dwellers
eBay Rolls Out Same-Day Delivery Service
If there’s one downside to internet shopping, it’s that you don’t get the immediate gratification of having an item in your hands the moment you buy it.
But if eBay has its way, you could at least get some of your shiny new purchases within a few hours.

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