This is my little SSM-50 mixer.  It's actually my "Yo Mixer" (named by Brother Lou Roberts years ago).  It has to be at least 15 years old.  Where did I buy it?  Guess!

I'm saddened about this news.  According to, Radio Shack is closing 1,100 stores across the country. That's almost 20% of their locations.  I guess they had a problem  selling cellphones, which made their profits tank last quarter.

You could tell they were in trouble if you saw their last ad campaign that ran during the Super Bowl.  Anytime an "apology for screwing up" ad comes out, you know that things aren't good.

RadioShack To Close 500 Stores According To Newspaper Report
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I really was hoping they could pull out of their doldrums.  I think they perform an important service in the community - really!.  They were small stores, you could pretty much find what you needed without help, and hell - if you had questions, they had answers! (just no answer to their financial woes, unfortunately.

Sorry to hear, Radio Shack.  But I still love my little mixer and will always think of you as I put my headphones on each morning and connect them!

How do YOU feel about Radio Shack closing shop?


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